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FUSE IQ IS AN AGENCY focused on creating human-centered digital experiences.

How? We equip clients for sustainable change through meaningful, impactful projects!


A great idea starts with a solid and insightful strategy and honest opinions. Let us help you understand your audience, market, and objectives. The tools and strategies we employ are:

• Audience + Personas

• Inventory + Analysis

• Information Architecture + Sitemapping

• Technical Audits

• Content Strategy


We have a deep understanding of technology to bring positive, sustaining change to our clients and communities. We use cutting-edge tech and code to the highest standards to ensure efficiency, quality and security. Our technology services include:

•  Drupal Website Design

WordPress Website Design

Custom Application Development

Systems Integration


Performance + Security


We love beautiful things and unique technology: but you can trust that we create more than a pretty interface. From branding and design to user experience, everything in our creative process is executed with purpose, insight, and a deep understanding of your needs. Our creative services encompass: 

Brand Identity & Messaging

Responsive & Mobile Design

User-Centered Design/User Experience

Digital Communications

Social Media Management



Success to us means understanding your goals and discovering opportunities to succeed. We don’t simply collect data and crunch the numbers - we analyze performance and invest in figuring out ways to improve. This work covers: 

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Site Maintenance & Support

Custom Data Reporting