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The Best Way to Work is Together

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Why having a collaboration process is important to the success of your web projects.

It’s no secret. Website development is an evolutionary process and “the best way” to do things can change daily. One thing is for certain, however; the best way to work is together. I do not just mean that your web development team needs to coordinate. I mean that your team and you, the client, NEED to work together.

Say you hired Fuse IQ to redo your website. You wouldn’t just give us a check and say, “See you and my new website in 3 months.” Because truth is, it’s not only our job to restructure, redesign and develop your new website - it’s yours too. We aren’t and shouldn’t be the only ones that are working throughout the project. We are experts in agile website development, you are the expert in your field. The collaboration of our combined expertise is what will make your project a success.

Luckily, thanks to web-based tools and software, project collaboration is easier than ever.

“Cloud” / Web-Based Tools

Ensuring that the people working on the project, both sides, are organized from start-to-finish is the ultimate goal of Collaborative Project Management.

Online Project Management Software

  • Task Management
  • Searchable Archive
  • Accountability
  • Real-time Status

Fuse IQ Tool of Choice: Asana

Online File Repository

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Revision History
  • Real-time Status

Fuse IQ Tool of Choice: Google Drive

Instant Messaging

  • Ability to quickly connect without scheduling a time or distracting each other from other work

Fuse IQ Tool of Choice: Slack

Content Management System

  • Early-stage prototyping & content organization
  • Ease-of-use, you don’t have to be a developer to manage your site
  • User roles and permissions
  • Empowers the client to make changes “on the fly”
  • Lower maintenance and upkeep costs

Fuse IQ Tool of Choice: Drupal

Web Conferencing

  • Teleconferencing
  • Screen sharing technology
  • Geographic location never an issue

Fuse IQ Tool of Choice: GoToMeeting

Ask us again in 3 months, and our tools could be entirely different. That’s the nice thing about web, nothing is set in stone.

Weekly Meetings

We may be in constant contact every day via Asana, Slack or E-mail, but nothing can replace the true effectiveness of spending time together regularly, working together towards the common goal. Does it have to be in person? Not always. At Fuse, we regularly use web conferencing tools like GoToMeeting to meet with clients all over the world.

So, What are the Benefits?

Efficiency: Efficiency is saved time, and saved money. Effective collaboration can help streamline tasks and ensure that your team is getting as much done as possible.

Flexibility: Flexibility enables your team to shift focus and attention as needed. By being flexible, and staying agile, your project can evolve and grow, rather than following a pre-determined schedule and list of features (that may or may not solve the needs you identify as the project progresses).

Real Time Collaboration: This goes back to efficiency. Making sure teams aren’t working on top of each other or duplicating efforts is extremely beneficial and very important for efficiency.

No Geographical Constraints: Because our collaboration tools are web-based, the need for teams to be all together in the same space is no longer required. Cutting down on travel time (even when client/team are in the same city) is just one more way to keep things moving and efficient.

Organization: You can feel confident knowing there is a place for files (Google Drive), task and conversation history (Asana), and that your team is easily reachable (Drive, Asana, Slack, E-mail, Phone/GoToMeeting).

Transparency: No shocking surprises because you know what’s going on at any given time.

To sum up

From the above points, you can see we really believe it’s important for clients and creatives to work together throughout the entire project process. By setting expectations, defining responsibilities and executing efficiently and effectively in the project proposal, kickoff and recurring meetings, you and your project are setup to succeed. And when everything doesn’t go to plan - which it won’t always - just roll with it and know working as a team you can figure it out and make your project even better than you imagined.