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Seattle Tech4Good

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SeaTech4Good provides free nonprofit tech seminars on multiple subjects

In 2012, Joel Meyers, Co-founder and Director of Business Development at Fuse IQ, joined the organizing efforts of Net2 Seattle, a project of TechSoup Global.  Net2 Seattle evolved into Seattle Tech4Good with the advent of the additional support of NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network). We put on a number of wonderful free panel discussions and educational seminars for nonprofits and technologists that service the nonprofit sector.

In late 2012 I assumed full responsibility of organizing these free seminars. It has been the mission of Fuse IQ to help elevate nonprofits into the competitive sphere of the Web with advanced design and technology web solutions and this is one of the ways we have found to help.

The Summer Soiree and Resource Roundup

In September of this year we had a great event bringing 60 individuals representing nonprofits and technologists, who volunteer or consult for nonprofits, together in a fun filled evening of networking, speaking, eating and drinking. Alison McCaffree, Executive Director of Washington Nonprofits, and Dave Forrester, Director of Technology Consulting for 501 Commons, both spoke about the services and programs their organizations provide.

I spoke of the richness and reward of working with nonprofits. We are all changemakers when we help nonprofits with their programs, outreach and community building. Fuse IQ has been helping nonprofits grow and thrive on the web since 2001. We have served more than 150 organizations with 350+ projects and, well, it simply feels good! In summary, Washington Nonprofits' outlook and focus is broad and wide and 501 Commons' is narrow and deep. Of course some of the programs overlap, and essentially both organizations are advocates for helping nonprofits in Washington state grow and thrive.

Below are links of various resources we have found help in our mission, and also see the PowerPoint used for the event.


TechSoup (discounted software, articles, planning, toolkits, community)

Net2 (local tech meetups, how-to blog, articles, project support)

Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)  (events, education, community)

Nonprofit Tech for Good (blog, seminars – everything nonprofit tech)

Learn How to Become: Nonprofit and Volunteering section (great resource for volunteering and transitioning into a nonprofit career)

Idealware (resources, articles, reports about software for nonprofits)

Idealist (connecting volunteers with nonprofits, events, blogs)

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) (e-zine with lots of forward thinking articles, interviews, podcasts)

The Bridgespan Group (services, articles, seminars, advice for accelerating social impact)

McKinsey (services, articles about improving leadership including nonprofits)

Foundation Strategy Group (FSG) (services, articles, initiatives, resources)

Collective Impact Forum (community, resources, events, initiatives)

Shared Value Initiative (driving shared value strategies to increase impact)
We hope you will join us!

Seattle Tech4Good is constantly looking for subjects and speakers. Please contact me if you would like to share the love! Please also visit our Meetup page.