Website Platforms: Which Tool Is Right For The Job?

When Fuse IQ decided to redesign our website, we had to decide which platform to build it? We often advise our clients on this very thing. We help our customers choose which website content management system (CMS) is the best fit for their functional and technical requirements, budget and timeline.

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WordPress Or Drupal?

Fuse IQ designs and builds websites using the WordPress or Drupal CMS. Our team is expert building on both platforms. We have years of experience with Drupal, dating back to 2008. Drupal is the best choice when a complex or custom website is required. WordPress is a great choice for rapid website building, marketing type websites and is very easy to use.

Our analysis pointed to WordPress as the best solution for our website. Our site does not require the complexity or breadth of features required by many of our clients’ websites. The purpose of our website is market ourselves to new clients, provide background on our company, services and processes. This means that simplicity, directness, usability, search engine optimization are the primary goals. These features are where WordPress excels. We also chose WordPress for its accessibility, drag-and-drop page building and wealth of available prebuilt themes. We also use our own website to fine tune solutions we build for our clients and test out new technologies. 

Choosing a Design

We began by choosing a theme for the website that had the general look and feel we wanted. The theme was then customized to our desired layout. We implemented the Beaver Builder plugin for dynamic drag-and-drop page building. The chosen theme had high quality HTML/CSS code, is easy to customize and is accessible (WCAG compliant).

Our team built the site quickly, revising as we went. We involved our developers only where needed. We updated content and layout using WordPress’s administrative interface and Beaver Builder. This approach allowed the site to be built quickly and at a lower cost.


At the completion of the project, we concluded that a purchased or prebuilt theme can work well for many websites. The theme you choose must be well designed and coded, be accessible out of the box and be compatible with page building tools like Beaver Builder. We also confirmed that WordPress is an ideal choice for most marketing-focused websites. WordPress is not limited to simple websites however. Fuse IQ increasingly builds complex websites on this platform and see many other companies doing the same. Drupal on the other hand is a powerful and extendable web application framework ideal for complex and custom websites. It is likely overkill for simple marketing-based websites.

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