Why You Should Consider ADA Compliancy for Your Website

Joel Meyers


In order to make sure websites are accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has resulted in standards for the web in the form of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) now at version 2.1 and levels A, AA, and AAA (each level respectively increasing in compliance and therefore complexity for adherence). At Fuse IQ, every government and educational client we work with, and nearly half of our other clients, require some level of compliance, usually at level AA. Check out UW Medicine Right as Rain, UW DO-IT Center and Seattle Housing Authority for examples.

In practical terms, this means users who are visually impaired (e.g. color blind or are legally blind) or mobility impaired (e.g. cannot use a mouse) will have the ability to understand your website because the site is structured and presented in ways that can be read, and are navigable, by screen readers of various types. Content font size can easily be increased, color contrast is obvious, imagery has associated alternative text and videos have transcripts that are machine readable.


More and more people are using the web and there is a substantial untapped audience wanting to gain access to your valuable content. More sites are becoming ADA WCAG 2.x compliant which means - if your site is not compliant - you may be missing out on potential donors, volunteers and advocates who go elsewhere because they cannot read your site. Now is the time to ensure your site is WCAG 2.x compliant!


braille screen readerIn the past we have typically had to rely on ADA experts to help our development team get websites to compliance. It was time-consuming and costly. Over time we have learned how to interpret the WCAG 2.x guidelines and make sites compliant, and now we have partnered with an application service provider that offers a comprehensive ADA compliancy audit and recommendations tool that is cloud-based: Monsido.

Monsido has provided us with special agency pricing that allows us to offer this service to your organization for less than if you were to approach them yourselves.


Monsido works by scanning your website and finding errors and optimization opportunities which would have otherwise been overlooked. In addition to ADA accessibility issues, Monsido also finds broken links, misspellings, SEO issues, missing scripts, content policies and more. Simply choose the issue you want to fix and Monsido will take you right to the page where it occurs. Your team will be able to fix accessibility issues with just a few clicks. If you aren't sure how to fix an issue, you can always check with the comprehensive Help Center for instructions on how to proceed.

Monsido accessibility audit product logo


Be empowered to take even more control of the quality of your site with Monsido! And if you run into issues that you do not have the capacity or knowledge to change, you can always give us a call.

Join our upcoming webinar that talks about ADA accessibility and how the Monsido service can help.

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