About the Project
Education Website

Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) offers services to help lesser privileged students gain access to college prep courses in high school, such as AP and IB courses. In 2017, they engaged with Pyramid Communications to develop a vision and voice for a new website to more sharply focus on communicating EOS’s mission and service offerings. From there, Pyramid and Fuse IQ teamed up to create a custom WordPress website in order to empower them to continue to evolve their services, brand and web presence.

Responsive Website Design
Partnering with Fuse IQ
Collaboration with separate agencies for a unified end product

While Fuse IQ was not involved directly with the design and vision process for this project, we were able to work with the Pyramid designers and copywriters to consult them on best practices for designing for the web. Finalized, approved designs were delivered to Fuse where they were quickly turned into a custom WordPress theme and templates. Training was provided on how to use the CMS and manage content. This proved to be an effective and efficient process for the client.