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The Need
A website that served as a digital tool for connecting buyers and sellers of sustainable seafood.
The Result
A Drupal website that easily organizes and categorizes complex information, ultimately serving as a matchmaker tool between buyers and sellers - making it easier to participate in expanding the sustainable seafood industry.
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FishChoice originally approached Fuse IQ in June 2012 to convert their outdated website from DotNetNuke to Drupal. Used by over 4,000 seafood professionals, FishChoice is a non-profit founded in 2008 to serve the U.S. and Canadian seafood industry. is the first tool to fill a crucial missing link in the supply chain connecting buyers and sellers, making it easier to find, procure, and sell sustainable seafood products.

It has amassed a sustainable seafood directory of over 10,000 product listings from over 400 suppliers, across an estimated 150 different species of wild and farmed finfish and shellfish.

FishCHoice home page screenshot
Challenge #1:
Rebuild the FishChoice site into a user-friendly, practical tool, for buyers and suppliers.

The previous FishChoice site wasn’t serving the needs of buyers or sellers, and we knew it was important from the get-go to rebuild the system using Drupal which would provide a strong base for a taxonomy organizing system and a custom search option.

The first order of business was working with FishChoice team members to dive deep into the world of sustainable seafood. We needed to understand what was important, what buyers and sellers alike would be looking for, and how that would inform our custom development of the site.

Once we understood the objectives and goals, we migrated all of the existing data to the new system and added a comprehensive custom search interface for seafood products that would allow buyers to find products and suppliers. We also created custom supplier profiles to the new site and built out a filterable supplier directory and map interface (Leaflet) to make it easier to find the supplier a user would be looking for.

Now when you visit the site, instead of being overwhelmed by information, it’s easy to click to find and filter based on who the user is and what they are looking for.

FishChoice seafood search and ratings page
Challenge #2:
Modify the site to include a customized seafood rating system.

After the successful rollout of the new site, FishChoice returned to us to integrate a new feature: a seafood rating system. Their goal was to provide buyers with a more in-depth look at the sustainability of the products they were purchasing and the suppliers they were buying from.

Once again, this required a complex migration of existing data sets and a custom build for the rating system. Dubbed the Sustainable Rating Search, users who are searching for the most sustainable fish choice can now find the best species alternative by a rating system.

Not only did we integrate this new feature, we also overhauled the Seafood Search and Seafood Guide to take advantage and incorporate the new data structure.