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The Need
Provide technical audit and analysis for a Drupal content management system build that was presenting challenges and not meeting the needs of this major healthcare information exchange organization. OneHealthPort sought outside expertise for analysis, assessment and recommendations on the best path forward with their website and associated web application tools.
The Result
A completely new, mobile responsive website build, leveraging existing designs to keep costs down, and built to Drupal best practices using the latest version of Drupal. The website now has improved information architecture and user experience, easier site editing and maintenance.
About OneHealthPort
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OneHealthPort began their organization by providing identity management services to the community through their Single Sign-On offering, and have added a range of services including Health Information Exchange, Clinical Data Repository, Provider Data Service, and Administrative Simplification.

In Washington State, they have the unique role of "Lead Organization," directing Administrative Simplification efforts in partnership with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC), and leading implementation of Health Information Exchange in partnership with the Washington State Health Care Authority.

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Opportunity #1
Uncover the optimal approach for site improvements

Once we performed an audit on the site, the results revealed an unconventional build. Fuse IQ proposed several options to move forward and address the client’s needs, including a complete rebuild using Drupal development best practices. OneHealthPort chose the complete rebuild which included an improved information architecture and user experience design. Since the launch of the new website, Fuse IQ has continued helping the client expand their online services and provide continual maintenance and support.

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Opportunity #2
Provide ongoing feature expansion

Since launching their new site in 2016, Fuse IQ has provided technical guidance and ongoing features development which is helping OneHealthPort achieve their vision of expanding their service offering, such as adding their Pre-Service Directory Weekly Custom Reporting. Throughout this process we also trained their internal content manager to increasingly take charge of the administration of the site.