About the Project
Seattle Non Profit Website

Seattle's Operation Nightwatch offers services for the homeless by providing overnight shelter for men and women, through a series of partnerships with other area organizations. They are faith-based and have a team of volunteers that search the streets at night and help the needy with comforting words, beds to sleep in and nourishment. 

In 2017, Operation Nightwatch decided it was time to upgrade their outdated HTML website. Through a series of meetings to determine goals and what was possible, Fuse IQ determined the best fit for their organization and budget was a customized pre-built WordPress template website.

Nonprofit Web Design
Challenge #1
How to Portray Homelessness Respectfully

One of the many challenges of promoting the work of homeless services is finding a balance of imagery that accurately portrays the struggles without disrespecting the homeless. Operation Nightwatch's image library needed an update. So through our network of local photographers, Fuse IQ was able to refer someone to come out quickly and get them some great photos for use on the site.

Mobile Responsive WordPress Website Design
Challenge #2
Custom Vs Template Website

As much as we want to, at times it is not in the cards to provide fully custom web development for our clients. In those situations, when timelines or budgets constrain, we offer templated solutions in order to meet the goals in a way that finds a nice compromise for all involved. For Operation Nightwatch, this semi-custom approach meant being able to pick a pre-designed WordPress theme and customize it by choosing colors, fonts, imagery and making small template tweaks in order for it to fit the organizations guidelines and needs.