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UW Medicine Right As Rain

The Need
A digital platform that would serve as a space to share branded content and unique voices of UW Medicine.
The Result
A consumer-focused digital magazine platform where UW Medicine can tell their own story, share patient journeys, and build the UW Medicine brand with a larger audience.
About the Project
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Right as Rain is a digital publication with the goal of helping people feel healthy and well. It is published by UW Medicine, an international leader in research, patient care and physician training. 

The team of healthcare writers and experts at Right as Rain is dedicated to sharing relatable health and wellness information through personal stories, debunking myths, and questioning the status quo.

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Build a customized, user-friendly news site that served as a brand ambassador for UW Medicine.

The first goal of UW Medicine was to share the brand and voice of the organization, in a down to earth and friendly way. It was also important for them to provide accurate and timely health information to the public in an easy to understand, engaging format. 

We created a clean design with built-in flexibility for page styling using paragraphs in Drupal. This allows for staff monitoring and adding content to keep consistency throughout, while also being able to customize layouts and style of different articles. It also provides the opportunity for coordination to take place between partner organizations and sites, without sacrificing usability.