About the Project
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A Way Home Washington, inspired by A Way Home Canada and A Way Home America, is part of a national movement creating innovative partnerships to prevent and end youth homelessness across North America. A Way Home Washington is a growing movement dedicated to ensuring these young people receive the support, healthcare, and resources they need to overcome the barriers they face. Having spun up a quick template site for them in the past, AWHWA came back to Fuse IQ for a custom solution and new iteration of their website in late 2018.

Mobile Responsive WordPress Website Design
Challenge #1:
Prebuilt Theme or Custom Development?

The client entered the process wanting a new site. Due to budget and time constraints at the time, the original site we built for them in 2016 was using a canned theme. After an analysis of the requirements and the client’s desire for more more flexibility for future expansion, we decided together to proceed with a custom WordPress site.

This project utilized a custom build and theme that will provide more stability, security, higher performance, and expandability in the future than what would be expected when using a prebuilt theme. We used a prebuilt theme only for its design and then modified the design to meet the client's needs. By not using a purchased theme the client was not forced to use the rigid structure of a purchased theme's design. The client was instead able to make significant changes to the layout that met the client's specific needs while also not having to devote resources to a full custom design.

Interactive Community Map
Challenge #2:
Focus on Community

The key features of the A Way Home Washington site draw focus to program partners and community initiatives in order to provide an effective means of communicating the central message of the site, how to become involved with the organization and the rollout of statewide initiatives.

"We are very happy with our new website! I appreciated Josh’s hard work as the PM; he was a careful steward of our timeline and budget. I also appreciated the training he and our developer provided. Now we feel empowered to handle most our regular site maintenance and updates in-house. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with the Fuse IQ team!"

- Erin Hatheway, Deputy Director, A Way Home Washington