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Demystify Technology and Integrations

Technical Audits

We create full spectrum assessments of your technology assets and business processes so you have the perspective and context to be able to make the important decisions about where to spend hard earned dollars on technology upgrades and enhancements.

Are your various systems becoming bloated and unwieldy? Too many systems trying to talk together but can’t? Are you wasting time with manual copying and pasting into various systems creating extra work and errors? Does one department not know what another service area is doing? Are there unvoiced grumblings about the challenges of managing your data? Do you see a path through the mist but are unsure how to get there or how much it will cost?

Our technical audits will provide the insights you need for your technology planning and budgeting. We do not sell turn-key systems, so we remain unbiased with our tools and service recommendations. We have over a dozen years of experience examining and implementing technology for nonprofits - we are your trusted advisor.

Systems Integrations

You may have tools and products in place that are necessary yet are not talking to each other as you need. Fuse IQ has the technical breadth and experience to provide the strategic planning and execution of systems integration. Better integrations equal improved customer satisfaction, data accuracy and internal efficiencies.

We can help you integrate many systems including CRM, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Volunteer Management Systems, E-Newsletter Management Tools, Access or other database driven datasets, XML and RSS Feeds and Custom Applications.

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