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Help Us Create a Better World

We Can Help Create Positive, Lasting Change

Information is today’s currency. It empowers. It enables. It informs. Through the smart use of technology, we can increase information flow. We have a mission to help social purpose organizations and educational institutions adopt and use technology as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Luckily we are in an exciting time where we have many mature tools at our disposal. Content management, association and member management, tools to support community building, social media - these all have become simpler yet also more rich with options.

The organizations we collaborate with are becoming more and more sophisticated and savvy as well. There has been a high adoption of open source technology which is great for Fuse IQ which is why we specialize in WordPress development, Drupal development, Java development and the use of LAMP technologies. We leverage open source for our clients so they can produce the most effective and risk-free technology platforms for doing what they do best - running their organization and following their mission.

Focus on Nonprofits

Fuse IQ was formed in 2001 on the trailing peak of the “DotCom Boom” era. Tim Godfrey and Joel Meyers, owners, had spent years working at corporations such as Adobe Systems, Aldus Corporation, QPass, MediaMetix and more. What they both realized is that there needs to be a better way to spend their life energy. They were tired of working on projects that held little meaning to them. What better way than to strike out on their own!


Fuse IQ started in the proverbial garage (OK, it was an unused room in Tim’s house) under the name of Gemini Creative. Initially, we focused on environmental nonprofits as that is what we were passionate about. We formed partnerships with OneNorthwest and NPower, two organizations central to supporting nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest. We worked with dozens of nonprofits and even some for profits designing and developing simple websites with not very complex functionality. In 2004 we rebranded as Fuse IQ - the fusion of ideas and technology.

Over the last 15 years we estimate we have helped over 150 nonprofits, dozens of educational institutions and dozens of startups and for profits realize their vision on the Web. From the homeless in Seattle, to ministries of agriculture overseas, from people fighting AIDS, to officials striving to do what’s right for their community – we feel we are accomplishing our mission to help create a better world.

Community Engagement

Fuse IQ has strong relationships with 501 Commons, Global Washington, and Global Leadership Forum - all organizations striving to help our local and international communities become healthier, stronger and better informed. We also sponsor the Seattle Drupal Users Group (SeaDUG), are co-organizers and sponsors of the Seattle Tech4Good meetup, co-organizer and sponsor of the AIGA Changemaker Series, and we have been a 10-year member of Solutions for Good.

Our involvement in these organizations helps us keep on top of the challenges and trends in the nonprofit space. It helps provide direction for our own evolution of our service offerings. For example, through our work with nonprofits in the last several years we have increased our branding, SEO/SEM and digital communications services as well as our increased adoption of WordPress as a platform solution.

Please Join Us!

Though we do not turn down for-profit work (in fact in many ways working with for-profits enhances our repertoire) we are in line with the spirit and mission goals of nonprofits and international NGO’s. This work feeds us in so many wonderful ways. We would love to be your partner for your next project. Won’t you join us?

Learn more about What We Do, check out Our Work and Client List, and when you are ready, Contact Us to get started!