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Web design, by a nonprofit and for nonprofits.

We are flexible and structure the project around the needs and the budget of the individual organization -- we do everything from simple starter sites and social media pointers to complex, custom sites that are built from the ground up.

We work in partnership with nonprofits to determine needed content types, design a new sitemap and draw up wireframes before we start on the design. After the structural underpinnings are determined, we develop a new look and feel based on conversation and research, taking into account desired style, organizational colors, and priority.

From there we convert the look and feel into code and integrate it into a content management system (CMS) which we choose based on the organization's website needs, since each CMS has its own pro's and con's. (Typically we build in Backdrop or Drupal as our CMS and CiviCRM as our CRM of choice, however we are open to alternatives if the project calls for it -- such as a simple, "brochure-style" website in Wordpress).

Here are some of our recent nonprofit related work and updates:


Fuse IQ give seminar to 501 Commons Talks Tech attendees
Our team works hard in the community, and we love Seattle (even the rain)


Our work space is located in Lower Queen Anne, just a short walk away from the...

Image of YWCA Seattle mobile
A new communications platform for the 2nd largest YWCA in the country

The Need: A technically advanced site that could support the communication needs of multiple...

Tech Audits and Assessments can help your organization plan and budget with much greater clarity and insight

The typical small to medium nonprofit cannot afford an IT employee and has little to no technical roadmapping in place which can lead to inefficiencies and opportunity loss. Even larger...

image of doctor and patient
A learning and resource hub for health practice transformation in WA

In an effort to support health providers and practices to navigate health system changes, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), in partnership with the Healthier Washington Initiative,...

Understanding the value of User Research and Experience Design

Why do you create/manage your website? For your users, right? Your users are the be-all and end-all of your website or application. Many project owners think they know what is best for their users...

Website Success Checklist
Make sure your website design and development project is a success with this handy checklist

Most of our clients generally understand the web, like I understand cars. I've grown up with cars and know there is fuel injection, brakes, cables, pinions (there are pinions, right?),...

Nonprofit technology challenges - image of woman holding compass and map
Challenges from the past, trends to look for in 2017

The advance of technology is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. This is great news yet also the bane of many nonprofits when in planning and budgeting cycles. In this post we aggregate what we...

WordPress and Drupal Comparison
A WordPress vs Drupal Comparison

A question we get all the time is, what is the best Content Management System? Or, which is better Drupal or WordPress? While we all have our standard technology preferences, our jobs as technical...

Seal face
Website for independent labor union is a powerful organization management tool and interactive information site for members

Our client at the Washington Association for Fish & Wildlife Professionals came to us looking to build a new informational website to serve the union members. They needed a powerful yet easy...

Lessons learned from Seattle GiveCamp 2016

This past weekend I was a technical volunteer at Seattle GiveCamp,...