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Tim Godfrey

Founder / CEO

Tim has been involved in the Seattle tech industry since 1991 when he worked at desktop publishing pioneer Aldus. Following a stint with Adobe Systems after they acquired Aldus, Tim moved on to a couple of interesting startup ventures before founding Fuse IQ (originally as Gemini Creative) with Joel Meyers in 2001.

Tim saw a gap in technology expertise in the nonprofit sector and set out to build a technology business with meaning. 18 years later, Fuse IQ empowers and accelerates nonprofits and companies with their web presences, websites and web applications. As the leader of Fuse IQ, Tim is the ultimate “wearer of many hats”. The constant change and diversity of work presents challenges, but it’s also what he likes most about his role.

His enjoys hanging around with his two boys or adventuring in the mountains. He’s also involved in the nonprofit community, volunteering with JDRF and Cancer GRACE.  Tim lives in Seattle with his wife, two young boys, and their dog Rainy.

Fun Fact: Before deciding to settle in Seattle, Tim took a road trip all over the continental U.S. and Alaska logging more than 11,000 miles!

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Brian Gass

Director of Business Development

After cutting his sales chops in the ultra-competitive New York City commercial real estate market, Brian relocated to Seattle to be closer to the outdoors and to continue his career at a place that better reflected his values.

He graduated from Sierra Nevada College with a dual major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. At Fuse IQ, Brian brings a passion for helping clients make sense of the ever expanding digital solutions that their organization could benefit from. Whether it’s donor outreach, increasing website sales traffic, automating patient data, or improving the aesthetics of a homepage, Brian walks clients through the best solutions while avoiding confusing jargon and inflated terms.

When Brian is not shouting the good word of Fuse IQ from the local mountain tops, he is often out exploring the best new places to eat with his partner Claire or trying to keep up with his new puppy Ralph.

Fun Fact:  Brian has hiked from Mexico to Canada...twice! Rumor has it that he is thinking about a third time.


Jen Hill

Project Manager

Jen has lived all over the Pacific NW and most recently has found herself in the Boise, ID area.

Jen’s job is to make clients happy and reach their goals. She loves finding the right questions to ask, and guiding clients through their project to not only meet but exceed their original expectations and needs. With over 10 years of experience managing online projects for brands like Microsoft, YWCA, and the University of Washington, Jen brings a solid understanding of digital communications, creativity, and expertise to the Fuse IQ team and clients.

One of Jen's hobbies is spinning up small websites for friends and family and she mostly enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters baking, crafting, or exploring.

Lesser known fact: in her days before domination in the digital field, she owned a cupcake catering company, which pretty much means she’s already won at life.

Portrait of Vadim

Vadim Parfanuic

Technical Director

Vadim has been immersed in web and IT solutions since 1997 when he wrote his first code algorithm. He has an impressive breadth of technical skills and experience, with a skillset that includes developing solutions using PHP (OOP-MVC), Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL, AJAX, Drupal, Joomla, XML/XLS, JQuery, HTML/DHTML, CSS, Code Igniter, Zend plus Linux Server Administration.

He loves to improve development processes and standards and thrives at Fuse IQ because of the ability to leverage technology in a way that makes the world a better place. His favorite hobbies include learning new technologies (are there any he’s not familiar with?!), reading, and dabbling in photography.

Vadmin enjoys living in Seattle with his wife, five children, and their two parakeets.

Fun Fact: Vadim also speaks 4 languages, in addition to everything else...he’s mighty impressive


Tess O'Brien


Originally from the East Coast, Tess was drawn to Seattle by her fascination with the tech scene and the endless opportunities to explore the outdoors.

Tess holds a B.A. in Political Science from Colorado College and completed the General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive Program where she worked with everything from Node.js, Ruby on Rails and React and Angular. At Fuse IQ, she builds the front-end experience for clients and is focused on bringing user-centered designs to life. Her greatest professional accomplishment was launching a market for a food-related start-up in record time.

True to the interest that pulled her to the West Coast originally, you can often find her exploring the PNW by hiking, camping, or kayaking with her partner Dan, and their dog named Lorimer.

Random Fun Fact: Tess spent 6 months living in a tent and working as a line chef in Hawaii. If she disappears one day, we’ll know to find her on sandy beaches in the sunshine.


Joshua Baker

Project Manager

Josh joined the Fuse IQ team in August of 2018 as a Project Manager. Excited for a change of pace after working in New York City’s Silicon Alley, he moved to Seattle. He was drawn to the city’s own bustling tech scene, the opportunity to explore the Pacific Northwest, and to be closer to family.

He is a graduate of the Flatiron School where he learned the fundamentals of full stack web development using agile principles. Professionally, he has worked extensively with Drupal and WordPress. As a former teacher, Josh discovered he was drawn to working directly with clients. He is passionate about learning what clients need, advising clients about solutions, and helping clients better understand their web sites.

Outside of work, Josh is an avid sports fan. He follows soccer, basketball, and American football. In his free time, he enjoys the fine arts, cooking, traveling, reading, and hiking.

Fun Fact: Years ago, as a practicing artist, Josh used to sell his paintings on Ebay.



Office Manager / Happiness Consultant

Rainier, better known as "Rainy," greets all who enter our office, patrols the perimeter looking for treats, and generally aims to keep people smiling.

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