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Climate Solutions

Helping people, policy, and organizations respond to global warming

Climate Solutions is a Northwest-based clean energy economy nonprofit. For over 15 years, they have led successful initiatives to deliver climate and clean energy policies, models, and partnerships that accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy.

Their website is a key component of communicating and achieving their mission. They came to Fuse IQ for a complete redesign and development of their website, moving from a hard to use Plone CMS (Content Management System) to a mobile responsive, Drupal 7 website.

Climate Solutions mobile website screenshot

The goal and challenge was to replace an outdated website that was difficult to maintain and implement a modern, easy to use content management system that empowered the whole organization to create and manage the content of the site. For their site visitors the goal was to provide a content rich, intuitive experience that was optimized for all screen sizes including mobile devices.

The site was completely redesigned and rebuilt in Drupal 7. The organization and presentation of content was greatly improved, leveraging integrative tagging and taxonomy. The site is fast, reliable and easily maintained. It is optimized for mobile devices.


Climate Solutions is now using a premium open source content management system that is powerful and extensible while also being easy to maintain. One of the strengths of Drupal leveraged on the Climate Solutions website was the ability to relate and surface content throughout the site. The power and ease of use allows the organization to have a diverse team of people creating and maintaining the content of the website.

Climate Solutions website designed and built by Fuse IQ using Drupal 7