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Fishery Improvement Project

New Drupal site provides information about global fishery initiatives

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions connects 34 leading conservation groups that work with businesses representing more than 80 percent of the North American grocery and institutional food service markets. In order to help seafood buyers make better and easier sustainable sourcing choices they needed to create a one-stop-shop for reviewing the progress of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) worldwide. They commissioned our client, FishChoice, to build the first of it's kind website to bring the all the data together on one site, using standardized metrics to assess progress, and ensures the data is independently verified. 


Since the data would be entered by non-trained Drupal users, it needed to be easy for users to enter the amount of data (over 50 separate fields) and across several content types. The data also needed to be presented in an easy to digest fashion. For instance, the indicators table had 28 separate indicators that could be recorded for 6 separate years. 


Image of Drupal-based's custom interface

The end result is an easy to use application built in Drupal 7.  It breaks the input process down to manageable portions to help users enter the large amount of data utilizing field groups and field collections with plenty of help text. The site was built using an iterative process with real users entering sample data to ensure it was easy to understand. To compile all the steps that was simple to understand we created a custom interface using tabs so users didn't need to learn the Drupal administration tools to enter the various types of content. There was also custom work done to display the data to registered viewers using tabs. There was integration of help text to describe various fields on the site using jQuery. The site also contains a searchable directory so viewers can search by species, gear type, location or name. 


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It was invaluable to have a partner in Fuse IQ that could take our ideas and vision and craft it into something that Drupal can handle.
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Industry and conservation organizations hail as a one-stop-shop for reliable information on the progress of FIPs. “For industry’s conservation leaders, the question is no longer whether you’re sourcing from a FIP, it’s whether the FIP you’re sourcing from is making progress,” said John Silva of Lusamerica Fish. “For the first time, makes it easy to find a reliable answer.”


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Image of Drupal-based's custom interface