Drupal 8 Website Design & Development

The Need

A website that showcases UNDP’s efforts to support international governments through biodiversity finance initiatives.

What We Did

  • Content Strategy
  • User Centered Design
  • Drupal Design & Development

The Result

A responsive Drupal 8 website that works across all 29 partner countries, with categorized taxonomies, Knowledge Platform and an interactive map highlighting BIOFIN efforts.

About the Project

The Biodiversity Finance Inititative

The Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) was designed as a new approach and methodology to support local governments in their biodiversity investment. Managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the $28 million initiative spans 29 countries and is a global partnership project. With a tight timeline to launch the BIOFIN program and website, we developed an in-depth content strategy proposal to determine the site structure, visual language, and user experience.

Create a resource-rich Drupal 8 website that is functional in all 29 partner countries

The BIOFIN site provides a wealth of multilingual information in the Knowledge Platform which is smartly tagged to be easily browsable and searchable by global partners, many using outdated technology. We performance optimized the site and based structural decisions based on their global constituents.


Customize the site with tools that make finding, sharing, and accessing information on BIOFIN as easy as possible

The new website has several custom features that were easily created using the powerful Drupal 8 CMS. We originally created a multilingual BIOFIN site using Drupal 7 several years ago and we were very pleased to be invited to redesign and redevelop their new site using Drupal 8.

We created an interactive map that links to the global partners and their local BIOFIN activities, and designed the site to optimize the display of stunning, colorful images that represented BIOFIN’s global reach.

"Through BIOFIN, we have an unparalleled global platform to “work out loud” on our biodiversity journey, sharing ideas and experiences with diverse nations driven by a common objective: to assure the financial sustainability of managing the unique tapestry that is 'life on land' worldwide"

Dasho Tshering Tobgay
Royal Government of Bhutan, Prime Minister

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