FareStart & Catalyst Kitchens

Drupal 7 Website Design & Development

The Need

Build an easy to use but also technologically advanced website that showcased the social enterprise business of FareStart and effectively reach a diverse audience

What We Did

  • Audiences and Personas
  • Technical Audit
  • Data Modeling

The Result

Two fully responsive Drupal 7 websites that reach their full potential through a visually appealing layout, customized to meet the needs of different audience types.


About the Project


FareStart is on a mission to transform the lives of people living in homelessness by equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in their careers and lives. FareStart approached us with a unique set of challenges: they needed a website that would highlight their programs here in Seattle as well as their national initiative called Catalyst Kitchens, all while having the right digital presence to reach a broad and diverse audience, ranging from potential students, to donors, and prospective global partners.

Built a Techonologically Advanced Website that Is Easy to Maintain

Once we understood the technical needs and priorities for the new site, we launched into what would become a yearlong exploration of brand understanding and identity, as well as a thoughtful creative design process. With the adaptation of a new site and new technologies, this was the perfect opportunity for their team to examine their digital identity, and we were happy to collaborate and assist in the journey. We worked closely with the YWCA creative team to establish a unique brand identity throughout the design process, as well as to develop and approve all visual elements of the site.


Deliver a User Centered Web Experience for a Diverse Audience

FareStart needed a website that was able to successfully convey their message to several unique audience groups. From potential culinary trainees, to restaurant and catering customers, to global Catalyst Kitchen partners - each have a different use for the site. We included features like a Food Service Partners Map, an online payments feature, and a brand new member portal that serves up visually dynamic content in small, digestible pieces and makes it easy for different users to navigate directly to their interests and needs.

Wrap Up

After 25 years serving the Seattle community, FareStart needed a digital presence that delivered an impact that matched their physical presence around the city.  Thanks to a fully responsive Drupal 7 site, they now have the ability to showcase their beautiful culinary works and student successes, while also expanding their services to a growing global network.

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