Healthier Washington

Drupal 8 Website Design & Development

The Need

A learning and resource hub for health practice transformation in Washington State.

What We Did

  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture + Sitemapping
  • User Centered Design
  • Responsive & Mobile Design
  • Drupal Design & Development
  • Web Design
  • Technology Assessments & Planning

The Result

A multi-phased rollout of Washington State’s online resource and community collaboration hub for health practice transformation that leverages the power of Drupal wonderfully.

About the Project


In an effort to support health providers and practices navigating health system changes, the Washington State Department of Health, in partnership with the Healthier Washington Initiative, needed a website that would ultimately become a go-to platform for practice transformation. The Healthier Washington Practice Transformation Support Hub needed to house all online resources that practices need in order to adapt to the newly minted initiative. As the first of it’s kind, this diverse initiative involved multiple stakeholders and required complex project management and a tiered and iterative approach that would ultimately lead to success.

Translate The Broad Concepts of the Initiative Into an Online Working Model

DOH needed a firm to translate a broad set of guidelines and outcomes to a firmly defined technical solution. Our client enlisted our team to re-imagine, re-platform and enhance their existing web-presence. We explored many ideas and options in coming to consensus around the deliverables.

We kicked off the project by engaging in ideation sessions with stakeholders to explore and better understand how to achieve the expected outcomes. These sessions produced the framework for priorities, goals, branding, and audience identification.

We created a multi-year vision with a schedule, and budget, that would enable the site to grow with input from stakeholders, site function, and user experience. We were able to help the DOH envision a rich family of functionality that allowed personalized delivery and support mechanisms for not only health practices, but also trainers and coaches supplied by Qualis Health, a DOH partner for a Healthier Washington.


Design a Site that would expertly curate resources in a digital library for users

We started by building a strong foundation with a deep understanding of user needs. We created and participated in focus groups that dove into the needs, expectations, and pain points of the sites intended audience, which ultimately informed the design and functionality of the site.

Following this process, we analyzed the manual and organic process of curating resources the organization started with in order to better prototype a customized, and more process-driven and automated method of curation that would ensure smooth operation.

Develop a Site System that Encouraged Interactivity and engagement between health providers, staff, and coaches

My Portal was recently introduced as a V2.0 of the Resource Portal. The newest addition of My Portal offered several key new features that increased personalized interactivity. These include the opportunity to become registered users on the site, the ability to save, rate, and share resources, as well as the option to build online teams which support practices undergoing transformation offline.

Additionally, the newest release of the Resource Portal includes an improved map feature, blogs, and a new private “learning series” for partner organizations.


"The Fuse IQ team that worked with us is highly professional and flexible. Our project depends on an evolving and flexible approach to ongoing development based on user feedback and use traffic results which makes this type of responsiveness critical."

Ian Bennett, PhD, MD, Professor
UW Family Medicine

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