Seattle Housing Authority

Drupal 7 Website Design & Development

The Need

The Seattle Housing Authority needed a custom website developed from the ground up to better serve existing and prospective clients. It must be mobile responsive, intuitive to use by a diverse constituency, as well as quick and easy for staff to update content using a content management system.

What We Did

  • Drupal Design & Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Responsive & Mobile Design

The Result

Fuse IQ built a completely redesigned website employing an easy-to-navigate user interface and built on a modern content management system (Drupal). The Drupal Website is now highly usable on a variety of mobile devices with up-to-date and relevant content.

About the Project

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In 2016, Fuse IQ was contracted by the Seattle Housing Authority to do a complete redesign and rebuild of their website. As an important and essential service provider in the city of Seattle, SHA provides long-term, low-income rental housing and rental assistance to approximately 35,000 people, representing more than 17,000 households. Their website is an essential resource to their existing and prospective clients and evolving their website, improving their digital services and web presence is essential to the mission of SHA. Fuse IQ became and continues to be, their partner in achieving these goals.

User Experience Design & Research

In order to succesfully update the SHA website, we needed to first conduct UX Research and User Journey exploration. Journey Mapping is a convention used to:

  • Identify audience types (personas)
  • Identify their touchpoints
  • Map their emotions and expectations along those touchpoints
  • Identify opportunities for connection
  • Identify opportunities for creating comfort and trust, and alleviating stress and distrust

For the Seattle Housing Authority, whose constituents are extremely diverse with wide-ranging levels of technical and English language proficiency, it was crucial to identify the current journey of interactions with SHA. By mapping users' interaction touchpoints and identifying their emotions and level of trust along the way, we were able to clearly identify opportunities for creating comfort and belief that they would find and could depend on the information they received.

Through this exercise, we were able to help SHA identify opportunities for improved interactions along the full on and offline user journey.


Mobile Responsive Website: Those Seeking Housing May Only have a phone

Through our user research we determined most of those seeking housing did not have a laptop or desktop computer and typically accessed information from a phone. Creating an easy-to-use mobile experience was imperative.

With the updated website, users navigate the necessary information for searching, finding and applying for housing on their mobile devices. Additionally, they could have the site fully translated to their native tongue using Google Translate. Because there are people from many different backgrounds seeking housing, and many languages were needed, this was a reliable and low cost solution.

Drupal Website Support and Maintenance

After a year-long project to launch the new website, Fuse IQ continues to support SHA with new features and improvements to the website. The organization continues to expand its digital presence and find more and better ways to serve their clients online. The website is also now a powerful tool for SHA to connect with their greater community.

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