UW Department of Neuroscience

Drupal 8 Website Design & Development

The Need

An updated website that is easy to manage and responsive with mobile devices. A better information architecture so the program is better represented and also WCAG Accessible to all audiences.

What We Did

  • Research & Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Drupal Design & Development
  • Website Development
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • User Centered Design

The Result

A redesigned website that is much easier to manage using the Drupal 8 Content Management System as well as robust content relationships displaying department updates across all browsers and devices.

About the Project

UW Medicine Neurological Surgery

The UW Medicine Department of Neurological Surgery came to Fuse IQ wanting guidance on the best approach to rebuild their outdated website. First we started with a content audit and review of opportunities for improved Information Architecture. Pretty quickly, we helped them identify that Drupal would be the best CMS for the job given their complex content relationships. From there, we jumped right into design and building the site. The department directors had a good idea of the aesthetic they wanted, and with our recommendation to make sure the site was Accessible to users with disabilities, we came up with a site design that worked well to please all goals. With almost 16 different content types and several different page types and content relationships, the department can now display their Programs, Instructors, Centers, Locations, Conditions, Grants, Labs and more, efficiently and so it is easy to find across the site using mega menus and advanced search.

WordPress or Drupal - Which CMS will work best?

During our initial requirements, analysis and discovery for the project, we spoke with the clients about their goals and current pain points of their existing site. We found out that they were having to manually update the same bits of content in several places and because it was so tedious to do so, and because the CMS was difficult to use, site management was very cumbersome. After looking closer at what kind of content they were displaying and how they wanted to move forwards, we determined Drupal 8 was their best path forward. Out of the box, D8 would be able to handle the multiple content types and their relationships to display across the site so the client would only need to update content in one place. Additionally, Drupal was the simplest solution for advanced search views across the site.

Drupal 8 logo
Screenshot of Drupal 8 Mega Menu

“I wanted to thank you (hopefully again) for all of the work on our website. We absolutely love it! We could not be happier. Thank you for all of the work by you and the entire team at Fuse.”

Jana Petit
Director, Administration & Finance
UW Medicine, Neurosciences Institute

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