Seattle Community

Seattle, and the Community

Why Seattle?

Our office is located in Lower Queen Anne, just a short walk away from the iconic Space Needle, and in true Seattle form, we maintain a strong sense of pride and love for our city.

Home to Amazon, Microsoft, PATH, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Expedia, Blue Origin, Adobe, University of Washington and hundreds, if not thousands, more companies that both rely on and regularly develop good tech, Seattle is a hotbed of activity and innovation. With the addition of 50,000+ registered nonprofits in Washington, we are proud to play an integral role in connecting mission driven companies and organizations with the innovative technology that Seattle is known for.

We also don’t mind the rain one bit. With months of overcast, rainy days, Seattle gives us plenty of opportunities to frequent the expansive offering of world class coffee bars, caffeinating our drive and inspiration. When we’re not working hard, you can bet we are playing hard in one of the magical mountain scapes or bodies of water surrounding our city.

Remember, we really love this city. In fact, we are pretty sure it’s one of the best places on earth.


Fuse IQ In the Community

Aside from the innovative culture and beautiful landscape, Seattle is made great by the people who live here.

Fuse IQ is deeply committed to making the world a better place, and is an active supporter and builder of community in the Puget Sound region. We actively engage in the Seattle community by partnering with nonprofit organizations, designers, students, business leaders, startups, and recent graduates of the following:

Provided seminars/presentations for: