Empower your mission through pragmatic insight

A great idea starts with a solid and insightful strategy, and flourishes when communicated through meaningful content. Let us help you expand your mission and grow your impact in the digital realm.

1. Goals

Together, let’s sit down and start by defining your goals, and helping you understand the best ways to achieve them. By identifying and mapping outcomes, your project gains the benchmarks it needs to reach success.

2. Audience + Personas

Identify and connect with your target audiences in more effective ways by understanding who they are, why they are visiting, and what drives their behavior.

3. Inventory + Analysis

Content inventory and analysis allows us to understand the extent and range of content in your current site, and find opportunities for improvement. These critical components inform decisions on data modelling, information architecture, user experience, as well as display mechanisms, and lay the foundation of your new site or web-based application.

4. Information Architecture + Site Mapping

Ensure that your content makes sense to your audience by utilizing IA in creating and optimizing content structure, taxonomy, and tagging opportunities.

5. Technical Audit

We create full spectrum assessments of your technology assets and business processes, providing you the perspective and context to make decisions on prioritizing necessary technology upgrades and enhancements.

6. Content Strategy

Understand how to utilize and leverage your content as a digital communications solution.

Content Strategy

A completely new, mobile responsive website build, leveraging existing designs to keep costs down, and built to Drupal best practices using the latest version of Drupal. The website now has improved information architecture and user experience, easier site editing and maintenance.
A completely redesigned mobile-responsive website with a greatly improved UX and built on a modern content management system (Drupal) in order to deliver timely, relevant information and data about their physicians, clinic locations and services.

What a client truly needs

In web development, the single greatest challenge is identifying what a client wants and truly needs to meet their business goals online.