Tech Audits and Assessments can help your organization plan and budget with much greater clarity and insight

The Technical Audit is an investigation, by way of meetings and examination of data such as reports, forms, spreadsheets, and so on. During the investigation, technology assets will be identified and cataloged. Every system used to conduct operations will be described and classified, including in some cases maps of important data flows within the organization and between outside actors (partners, clients regulating bodies, etc.).

  • Certain key processes, or lifecycles for products and services, will be described in some detail so that maps of the data flow and/or integrations of systems can be created
  • Impressions from employees about what changes are required, and other feedback that invariably arise in these discussions will be collected and delivered as a part of the final report
  • Finally, we create a report containing the technology inventory, process maps and key feedback from staff

Technical Audit

Think of web accessibility as a wheelchair ramp into the front door of your business or organization. Without it, you may be putting yourself at risk for a lawsuit, but more importantly you are excluding valuable customers from accessing your products or services.

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