Web Accessibility

Graphic of people with different types of disabilities

Web accessibility is critical for the success of any website. 1 in 5 users on the web have some type of disability that affects how or if they can use your website. These disabilities include:

  • Blindness
  • Visual impairment (including color blindness)
  • Seizures & epilepsy 
  • Motor impaired, can't use a mouse or use a specialized input device
  • Auditory impaired

Accessibility is the right thing to implement on your website to make your website truly useable to all your visitors. It is also in many cases a legal requirement and necessary to avoid being sued. 

To make your site inclusive and accessible to ALL users, it is essential to prioritize this work on your website. Fuse IQ is your partner and expert to achieve accessibility! 

We offer the following services and consulting:

  • Accessibility audits using automated tools that provide reports on a page by page basis of errors to correct
  • Expert manual analysis of websites and website content to identify accessibility issues
  • Website development to meet WCAG compliance, 2.0 & 2.1 at levels A, AA and AAA
  • Consulting to build a strategy for website accessibility and a path to compliance
  • Risk mitigation for accessibility compliance

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