WordPress logoThe first step in your website development process is choosing a content management system that matches the needs of your organization.

WordPress is the most popular content management system used around the world. WordPress commands a whopping 60% of the market! We build with WordPress to create diverse websites that showcase your organization or business, while also allowing you to maintain your own content, without requiring the help of a developer.

What's so great about WordPress?

It’s Easy, Really!

Easy Content ManagementWordPress is one of the most user friendly and intuitive content management systems on the market. You won’t need a developer or IT specialist to manage the back-end of your site, which is a big plus for many organizations and individuals.

Wait... isn’t WordPress for blogs?

Wordpress Content Management SystemWordPress was initially introduced as a blogging platform, but has since evolved into a robust website creation tool with thousands of extendable plugins and themes.

Easy to Customize

Custom WordpressA WordPress theme provides the visual architecture of your website. They can be used as-is, or they can be customized by a developer. There are nearly endless amounts of free and paid theme options that can fit just about any budget.

Built-in File and Media Managemant

CMS File ManagementEvery WordPress site comes with a Media Library built in that allows for you to upload and manage images, documents, and video files across your website, all in one place.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsive WebsiteWebsites that are responsive to different screen sizes isn’t optional anymore, users expect a seamless experience between desktop and mobile experiences. Luckily, most WordPress themes come already optimized for mobile responsiveness. Better user experiences and SEO rankings make it a no-brainer.

Endlessly Add On with Plugins

Wordpress PluginsPlugins are designed and developed to extend functionality of WordPress sites. In technical terms, they are typically composed of PHP scripts, which groups of functions integrate seamlessly to extend site features - for example, to add an event calendar or a contact form.

Make E-Commerce a Breeze

CMS EcommerceYou won’t need to sweat about selling your wares. With the use of pre-established shopping cart plugins and payment gateway integrations, WordPress will execute your e-commerce needs and business with ease, effectiveness, and security.

Should you choose WordPress?

Now that you know more about WordPress, and what it offers as a content management system, you might be asking yourself if you should choose WordPress. We’re often asked about which CMS best, and the truth is, there is no “best” option...choosing the right option is entirely dependent on the goals for your website. Part of our process is to work with you in order to determine the right tools and systems will satisfy your project requirements.

That being said...you might consider WordPress if you have any of the following considerations:

  • Shorter Timeline and Lower Budget
    WordPress makes rapid website development a possibility with efficient installation of software and plugins. Pre-designed template options save time and budget in the design and development phases.
  • Small to Medium Size Site
    Basic content and blog management is expedited with WordPress’s standardized blog post and page editors.
  • Customized E-Commerce Solutions
    Order and inventory management is simplified with WordPress’s extendable platform and payment gateways.
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