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Strengthen Your Digital Presence

Human Centered Design

Who is your audience? What are their goals? In this omni-channel world of phones, tablets, websites and social media channels, where and how do your users want to be engaged?

These are the kinds of questions we ask when starting a project. Rather than solely focusing on stakeholder objectives, we also make sure to flip the perspective and focus on what your end user needs and ways to reach them. This is imperative to our clients’ success because when it comes down to it - if it’s not easy and the user isn’t happy, they won’t be returning.

Focus on Community

Online marketing is not just about having a nice website anymore. It’s about being engaged, social and approachable. In order to strengthen your community, all of your different media outlets should be aligned and working together in a comprehensive digital communications strategy that is informed by your brand. With our 15 years of experience of working with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, we’ll show you how.

Power of Technology

Modern technology is evolving as fast as it can to respond to the new habits of the humans interacting with it. New features and tools have conveniences built-in that interact in a more intuitive and organic way than ever before. We leverage modern content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress and integrate with other powerful systems such as CRM’s and volunteer management systems to help you strengthen your community.

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