Fuse IQ provides UW with 16 years' of digital service

Joel Meyers

Fuse IQ is a Seattle based, full service digital agency. We have been developing successful human-centered websites, web-based data-driven applications and communications strategies for various UW departments for over 15 years!

We are an approved technology vendor for the University of Washington with UW Contract # CW2230660 and Vendor # 249531.


Having completing over 12 software projects at UW, Fuse IQ is interested in connecting with your department to help update or transform your online presence, tools and digital communications strategies. From short-term solutions, such as a responsive WordPress website design or responsive Drupal website design, to longer term strategies including systems integrations, larger scale multi-site installations or custom application development, we are confident we can help satisfy your evolving business goals and departmental priorities.

Contact us today to set up a FREE 2 hour consultation with our Director of Client Solutions, Joel Meyers. Email us at or call 206-788-4484 x101. We look forward to a conversation with you!

Fuse IQ has been working with UW since 2003

  • UW Medicine: Accountable Care Network
    2019-present | Website audit and analysis, WordPress development and consulting
  • UW Medicine: Right as Rain
    2017-present | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance; ongoing projects and additions
  • UW Department of Family Medicine Primary Care Innovations Lab (PCI-Lab): Healthier Washington Practice Transformation Support Hub Resource Portal
    2016-present | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance; ongoing projects and additions
  • UW MedicineDepartment of Neurosurgery
    2016-present | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance
  • UW School of Social WorkAlliance for Child Welfare Excellence
    2014-2016 | Website design and development + custom Course Catalog and registration 
  • UW Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences: UW AIMS (Advanced Integrated Mental Health Solutions)
    2013-2014 | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance
  • UW DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Center
    2013-2015 | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance
  • AccessComputing: Led by the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, the Information School, and DO-IT Center at UW
    2013-2015 | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance
  • UW Department of Global Health
    2010-2012 | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance
  • University of Washington / Fred Hutch Center for AIDS Research
    2010-2012 | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance
  • UW MedicineDiabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence
    2008-2010 | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance
  • UW Department of Global HealthInternational Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH) TrainSMART 
    2008-2014 | Custom web-based application for global health training management 
  • UW College of Education: Center for Educational Leadership
    2006-2016 | Website strategy, design and development + Custom development of 5D+ educator assessment tool

  • UW Center on Human Development & DisabilityWA State Medical Home Partnerships Project
    2003-2005 | Website strategy, design, development and maintenance


Multi-phased strategy for a brand new web initiative for the WA State DOH and UW Department of Family Medicine Primary Care Innovations Lab (PCI-Lab).

WA Portal

“I am the co-director of the Healthier Washington Practice Transformation Support HUB Resource Portal and hired Fuse-IQ to be the Drupal Developer for this complex project. We went through an intensive process of bidding for the project and they were the clear winner among competing developer firms. The fact that they are local and have worked with UW on a number of projects was part of the appeal. The team that works with us is highly professional and flexible. They are willing to support creative processes for functionality development. They also have wide experience with a range of clients and so are able to provide solutions to problems we pose for the site. Our project depends on an evolving and flexible approach to ongoing development based on user feedback and use traffic results which makes this type of responsiveness critical.”
~ Dr. Ian Bennett, MD, PhD, Professor, UW Department of Family Medicine

Classic challenges solved with content strategy best practices and a modern responsive Drupal website design.

UW Nuero homepage

“FUSE IQ has been responsive, accommodating and fun to work with. They’ve helped us greatly improve our website, and have found creative ways in doing so. After meeting with both our staff and faculty, they guided us through choosing a CMS, defining the types of content we need, the relationships between our content, and the best way to highlight what our department does. They also created a theme for our new site that managed to meet institutional design criteria, meet WCAG 2.0 compliance, and gain approval from our faculty, no small task!”
~Kristopher Lewis, Project Coordinator and Sr. Computer Specialist

Shifting an initiative from Excel spreadsheets to an open-source, online custom application used in 30 countries.
Marketing website


“I-TECH partnered with Fuse IQ in 2008 to help us develop TrainSMART, our Training System Monitoring and Reporting Tool.  I-TECH needed a tool that would allow us to track our activities across 14 countries and developed a rough spec.  We approached Fuse IQ with this spec and with their help flushed out a more robust tool that met more than just our original needs.  Initially, TrainSMART was used only internally to I-TECH but as other partners, local governments, and US agencies recognized the power and ease of use within TrainSMART it began to be adopted by a much wider audience. Their insight and responsiveness have helped I-TECH to develop a mature and robust application that is gaining acceptance in more places than we had ever envisioned.  They are truly a partner in the growth of TrainSMART not only as our development company but as someone that understands global health, working in resource limited settings, and the unique circumstances that revolve around this type of work.”
~ Robert McLaughlin, Manager Information Systems, International Training & Education Center for Health (I-TECH) Department of Global Health, University of Washington


“Fuse IQ helped us build a new website for the AIMS Center which is housed within the UW Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. They helped us take a "bottom up" approach by having us think about our content first and building our navigation and functionality around that, rather than starting with the navigation and working "top down." They custom built several modules including a searchable database of our projects and an online training module. The graphic designer listened to our ideas and opinions throughout the process. The project manager did a great job of keeping us on task and staying within budget. The overall end product was terrific and everyone was very satisfied. I would recommend Fuse IQ and am hoping to work with them again!”
~Rebecca Sladek, MS, Assistant Director of Communications, UW Department of Psychiatry


Fuse IQ is conveniently already under contract with the University of Washington:
UW Contract # CW2230660
Vendor # 249531

Also, please take a moment to view Fuse IQ’s SAP Ariba public profile (UW’s procurement platform)

We look forward to talking about your next project! Contact us today to set up a FREE 2 hour consultation with our Director of Client Sollutions, Joel Meyers and Director of Business Development, Alex Sum. Email us at or call 206-788-4484 x108.

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