What We're About

Fuse IQ is a full service digital agency based in Seattle, WA with local, national and international clients.

Seattle Non-Profit Web Development
What We Believe

We are all about creating awesome, human-centered digital experiences.

We are committed to projects that are impactful and meaningful: which is why we specialize in working with nonprofits, educational institutions and mission-driven companies to give them a web-based platform to amplify their voice and grow their reach.

About Fuse IQ
How We Started

Once upon a time, two friends excelled in the tech boom….There was money and success, but they couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to life. Driven by a desire to bring meaning into their work, they set out to create a technology company centered on human connection.

This is our story. This is how Fuse IQ came to be... LEARN MORE