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We Provide Insight, Strategy & Execution


Drupal CMS

Content management is not only a technical solution but also a strategy. Fuse IQ guides our clients how to organize and present content on the web, and we provide the tools of Drupal and WordPress to help them create and edit content as well as manage the users who perform these tasks.


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We create full spectrum assessments of your technology assets and business processes so you have the perspective and context to be able to make the important decisions about where to spend hard earned dollars on technology upgrades and enhancements.


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You may have tools and products in place that are necessary yet are not talking to each other as you need. Fuse IQ has the technical breadth and experience to provide the strategic planning and execution of systems integration. Better integrations equal improved customer satisfaction, data accuracy and internal efficiencies.


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Constituent relationship management, or CRM, is becoming increasingly important in our world of on- and off-line social engagement. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 members Fuse IQ can provide solutions that cover many touchpoints using Drupal, Drupal RedHen, Salesforce, mobile and custom tools.


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Your community is your advocate, your voice and your customer. To support them you will need communication strategies, group participation functions and tools that allow your constituents to share thoughts and ideas. Fuse IQ will show you how to leverage your CMS, CRM and social media to make your community strong and active.


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Tools and methods for providing education online has matured significantly in the past decade. Fuse IQ has broad experience creating LMS features such as course creation, testing, certifications and registration systems. From simple to complex we can work with your goals to provide the rich LMS tools or system integrations you need.


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Utilizing mapping solutions helps users quickly understand your data, such as locations of resources, programs, partnerships or member organizations. You can also display rich features such as real-time feeds, geographic boundaries of impact, and mobile solutions that take advantage of GPS. Ask us how we can help inform your users through this powerful form of data visualization.


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When a common CMS is not enough we can help you realize your business goals through custom PHP and Java based applications. Using powerful development frameworks with these coding languages can help you deliver the exact cross platform, unique experience your data-driven application needs, and will allow for unlimited extensibility and scalability.

We Provide 360° Service



We leverage your knowledge, experience and ideas. We determine your priorities and identify gaps and opportunities. Through collaborative ideation sessions we bring your mission to life through wireframes, personas, workflows, content strategies and technical planning.



Our designers will work closely with you to understand your brand and your market niche. Design will be informed by the technical solution married with your brand aesthetic to provide you a market advantage over your competitors.



Our team will educate you on what is possible within the chosen architectural framework. You will see the product come to life and have a say in every feature developed. We develop with a holistic vision, ensuring the foundation is rock solid and will allow you to scale and grow.



Once your new site is launched or your product released we are here to provide updates, additional training and ongoing advice to help you evolve and grow as you need. We have several low cost options to make it easy for you. We are your partner - we always have your back!

We Use Rockin’ Open Source Technologies


Drupal is a powerhouse CMS that is enterprise ready. We offer deep and vast knowledge with Drupal having worked with it since 2006. We have created over 150 unique solutions using Drupal, including collections management, CRM, learning management, libraries, galleries, resource centers, social hubs and more!


WordPress drives nearly a quarter of the world’s websites and for good reason - with the ability to rapidly deploy a website that allows clients to easily update content and create pages, it is a no-brainer for the small-to-medium sized organization.


LAMP provides the backbone for both Drupal and WordPress. Long before we worked with these esteemed CMS’s we had already been developing custom solutions with LAMP. This knowledge helps us create custom modules and plugins as well as full custom applications.


Java powers over a billion devices and Internet tools! Java is primed for custom enterprise, data-rich applications. We love the power and flexibility it provides, as well as the opportunity to port Java-based solutions to mobile Android and other devices.