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WordPress is the most popular content management system used around the world. It commands a whopping 60% of the market and 34% of all websites on the internet! We build with WordPress to create diverse websites that showcase your organization or business, while also allowing you to maintain your own content, without requiring the help of a developer.

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Curious about WordPress? Here's what you need to know...

It's Easy to Work With

  • Built to be user friendly
  • Intuitive dashboard for managing the site
  • Won’t need a developer or IT specialist to manage the back-end of your site

Easy to Customize

  • Offers a broad range of options for customization
  • A WordPress theme provides the visual architecture of your website
  • Themes can be used as is or customized by a developer
  • Can also utilize entirely custom themes built by a developer

Make E-Commerce Easy and Efficient

  • An excellent platform for an online store
  • There are well regarded and highly used e-commerce tools designed to integrate with WordPress and themes
  • The e-commerce plugins themselves are extendable and flexible to meet your needs

Isn't WordPress just for Blogs?

  • Initially introduced as a blogging platform
  • Evolved into a robust content management system
  • Highly extendable through thousands of plugins and a thriving 3rd party marketplace

Powerful Tools for Building

  • Supports powerful page building tools to allow for rapid prototyping
  • The WordPress community is constantly adding new tools for expanding the core functionality
  • There are thousands of themes and plugins and we know the best ones to use
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Will WordPress meet my needs?

Now that you know more about WordPress and what it offers as a content management system, you might be asking yourself if you should choose WordPress. We’re often asked about which CMS best, and the truth is, there is no “best” option. Choosing the right option is entirely dependent on the requirements and goals for your website. You might consider WordPress if the following applies to your website:

  • Shorter Timeline and Lower Budget
  • Small to Medium Sized Site
  • Previous experience, comfort or knowledge of the platform
  • Customized E-Commerce Solutions

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